FWS Group

FWS Group, Recruitment Campaign
2020, 2021, 2022

Video Production, Custom Website Development, Digital Advertising, Strategy

In the digital era, FWS needed to connect to young, determined skilled trades with a philosophy that resonated: Build Your Career. That meant reaching trades workers and those with minimal experience, but seeking a better career online and better connecting to their followers. FWS had to find and convert hyper-relevant audiences for a strong return on ad spend. And their message had to be front-and-center to connect with driven individuals.

Leveraging Facebook, Instagram & Google ads to drive brand awareness, Loudspace produced a microsite and series of authentic interviews with current staff, a/b tested audiences, campaign creative, and ad copy to optimize results. Then, building top-of-funnel prospecting audiences increased conversions in critical direct-response campaigns. We prepared for launch with a robust campaign strategy and carefully segmented audiences. 

Loudspace & FWS Group’s partnership produced incredible lead generation, with 2+Million Impressions, 1100+ Applicant Leads Generated & a series of videos that left a lasting impression on their audiences.

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