Kids Take Over The Winnipeg Free Press

Dream Factory & The Winnipeg Free Press: "Kids Take Over The Winnipeg Free Press"
Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

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Loudspace collaborated with the Winnipeg Free Press to orchestrate an unprecedented campaign, skyrocketing awareness for The Dream Factory, a beloved charitable organization in Winnipeg dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of sick children. Amidst a recent re-branding effort, The Dream Factory sought a creative solution to achieve widespread visibility rapidly.

Initially inspired by the concept of an "Editor-For-The-Day" at the local newspaper, our creative brainstorming led us to a more ambitious idea: envisioning a scenario where children commandeered the entire newspaper for a day. This concept transformed into a groundbreaking campaign leveraging our partnership with Western Canada’s largest newspaper.

We created a captivating false front for the newspaper and produced two engaging videos for social media to coincide with the campaign's launch. The Winnipeg Free Press website underwent a delightful transformation, featuring "Kid Content" crafted by our team, making the initiative more immersive and interactive. Adding to the campaign's allure, Winnipeg's Mayor Brian Bowman contributed by acting in the videos, lending his support to this novel cause.

The result was nothing short of spectacular. The campaign went viral, amassing video views and comments in the hundreds of thousands within just a day. The initiative received nationwide shares, with social media users eagerly sharing photos of the newspaper wrap. The story caught the attention of several news media outlets, further amplifying the campaign's reach.

This creative endeavor not only significantly boosted The Dream Factory's profile but also demonstrated the power of innovative marketing in mobilizing community support and engagement for a noble cause. The campaign's success far exceeded our expectations, marking a milestone in awareness-raising efforts for charitable organizations.

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