"Friendly" is Dead.

April 27, 2023

It's dead. It's gone. Mourn the loss if you feel so inclined, but you may find the funeral to a be a lonely experience.

"The "friendly" design aesthetic is dead, and it's time for brands to step up their game. For years, we've seen an endless stream of playful illustrations, pastel colors, and bubbly typography, all meant to convey a sense of approachability and warmth. But let's be real, this look has become oversaturated and generic.

Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy and demanding, and they want something more sophisticated and bold. The friendly aesthetic can come across as juvenile and unoriginal, making it less appealing to adult audiences. Brands need to stand out, and they need to do it now.


So, what's next for design? It's time to ditch the cute and embrace the complex. Think bold, geometric shapes, unexpected color combinations, and dynamic typography. Designs need to make a statement, not just be pretty pictures. It's time to take risks and create designs that grab attention and demand respect.

Personalization is also key. Consumers want to feel seen and understood, and generic designs just won't cut it anymore. Brands need to create designs that speak directly to their audience's needs and interests. It's time to tailor the experience to each consumer, and create designs that leave a lasting impression.

We know that sustainability is important, but let's face it, it's not the only thing that matters. It's time to move beyond the same tired messaging about eco-friendliness and focus on creating designs that are bold, exciting, and authentic.

It's time to move on. Brands need to embrace complexity, take risks, and create designs and identities that demand attention. Personalization is key, and sustainability is important, but let's not forget that design should be about making a statement, not just ticking boxes. The future of design is bold, exciting, and full of possibilities. Are you ready to step up your game?

If so, contact us. If not, enjoy the the next 24 months. Change is coming.

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